WARM UP: Med Ball toss

BUY IN:  Row 2000 x 250

STRENGTH:  FRONT SQUAT 5×5 at 80% (Take 80% of Back Squat Max for Front Squat 1RM)


For max calories/reps:  3 min Row / 3 min Deadlift (#275 /#185)

CASH OUT:TGU Sit Ups x 2 min

Cassie the first woman to go Rx today.

Renee never takes her eye off of the prize! Very Silverback.

Good to have you back Anna!!!





10 Responses

    1. Jim Stewart

      Impressive. My DL numbers were n ot that strong. I focused on form rather than reps. Did 12 reps with 205 lbs and pulled 52 calories.

  1. brad

    Russell – 212 lbs? Man, you’re awfully particular about your deadlift weight

    Did as rx’d, 21 reps and 53 calories (which was not my best effort). I actually stopped rowing for a few seconds. Aarggh!

  2. Matt Vaughan

    Did the workout Rx’d, so my number isn’t as high.

    13 Deadlifts
    51 Calories

    I’m feeling better about rowing. I watched a video about it on the Crossfit Journal. Thinking about it more like a Deadlift. Arched back=Bad rowing

  3. Tim M

    Sub’d BS for FS’s – did 185#
    Rowed 56Cal
    DL’d 225# for 24 Reps

    FS – did 75#
    Rowed 33Cal
    DL’d 85# for 30 Reps

    Watched old people do Front-Squats – YAWN . . .
    Watched old people row & sweat . . . man, it’s kind of hot in this gym!
    Watched old people pickup heavy things, drop’m, then pick’m up again . . . . haven’t you people heard of AIR CONDITIONING ? ! ? ! ? ! ???

    1. Marianne

      That’s funny, Ana is adorable. i think all the kids including think we are nuts to do what we do especially without air conditioning( Matt: Hint hint, are we ever getting a/c?)Good job you guys!! And nice to see all you again