Today we will go Silverback Strong.  Week two of three of going all out and seems like Wednesday the middle day of the middle week should be memorable so we will be doing a WOD that rhymes with “Fran”.

KB Snatch Test

Sandbag Squats

Push Ups and Pull Ups


Melissa and a little warming up with the rope.

Drew working hard for fifty.

Put down the kettlebell and grab the sandbag for another 50!

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5 Responses

  1. momsnotfuling

    Ugh! know why there are no comments. Everyone wiped out from wod. Surprised myself by doing squats with 40# sandbag. Went in there thinking “There is NO WAY I can lift that 50 times!”. Annette, thanks for keeping me going and making for an easy hand off of the sandbag.

  2. Fran? Really? Must we?
    I’m up for a boycott of Fran. Any takers?
    Fran makes me stress. Fran makes me sad.
    Frankly, I don’t care for Fran at all.

  3. brad

    Casey – I like your post. Part haiku, part Dr. Seuss. But, yes, we must. I’m in for the oven 6:30