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  1. Alright afternoon apes, the morning classes set the bar high, Val took the ladies over the 600 mark with Erica just behind. The men have already posted four 1,000 plus efforts with Garrett repeating his 500 deadlift PR and Johnathan with an all time PR 420 squat (that’s over 2x bodyweight). What is even more awesome are the athletes who may not end up on the leader board but still made huge personal gains, Melissa L. representing the “tiny titans” and Tara with a return to form and PR on deadlift, Laura and Catherine with huge gains across all three lifts and Kelley M. who showed that she is just getting started. Still got some great athletes to go. As a coach this is super crazy exciting to watch you guys knock these PR’s down.

  2. scott

    New CF total of 650.
    Squat: 245 PR +25, PP: 140 +15, DL: 265 +40.
    Thanks Matt & Dick for the coaching and Joe for introducing me to the SB nation.

    1. Joe

      Scott – 80# is HUGE. Nice Work. Hope you are still getting the motivation from the page – I know its not the same, but at least you are still plugged in.

  3. Vanessa

    Pretty proud of myself. Increased my number from the fundamentals class a month ago. Started there at 365 and went up to 425 yesterday. I Pr’ed my deadlifts at 185! Squats went from 150 to 170 and shoulder press went from 60 to 70. So happy I was introduced to the SB nation. Thanks Matt, Dj, and Garrett!

  4. Melanie

    Nothing like a day of maxing out to get the endorphin’s pumping! I had a big grin on my face at the end of this workout!

  5. Valerie

    I went up 45lbs… Back squat 220…shoulder press 105 and dead lift 280 for a total of 605… I’m getting closer to that 300lb dead lift