WARM UP: And More

BUY IN:  KB Gauntlet

STRENGTH: Overhead/Front Squat 3×1 @ 105% 1RM



3 rounds
10x Renegade man-makers (30#/20# DBs)
15x KB swings (72#/53#)
Row 500m

Cash Out: 

100 x sit ups for time

4 Responses

  1. aggie93

    This was a smoke check for me this morning. Man Makers made me feel like a pre pubescent teenager. Looking forward to hearing the times of the real men (and ladies) of the Silverback nation. (sounds like a new reality sitcom or something!)

  2. Joe

    Did this for the Friday bufett. As with most “All You Can Eat” places – you end up hurting yourself. ~22Min. Well done this morning Jonathan!