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Push Ups and Lunges (No Measure)

10 x Squats
6 x Push Ups
6 x Forward Lunges
6 x Offset Push Ups
6 x Rear Lunges
6 x Offset Push Ups
6 x Squat Jumps
6 x Diamond Push Ups

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Buddy Ball (No Measure)

50 x Wall Ball
With a partner alternate between throw and catch on the wall ball. ex. Ath 1 throws hits the wall ball target ath 2 steps in and catches the ball then squats and throws, the two alternate until 50. Attempt to be in continuous movement (16lb, 10lb).


Split Jerk (Establish Training 1 Rep Max)


Metcon (Time)

The Eagle
8 Rounds
8 x KB Rack Squats
20m Farmer Carry
While we are going to score this for time (always a way to help measure work) the focus here is on survival. GIVE EVERYTHING NOT TO PUT THE BELLS DOWN FOR THE ENTIRE WORKOUT.

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