WARM UP:  Run & Skip

BUY IN:  Grin & Bear It (Tag team: Run 200m while partner repeats Bear Complex 2 rounds)

STRENGTH:  Deadlift @ 85% 4×4


Max rounds in 12 minutes
7x Power clean (65%)
7x Burpees
Run 200m

Cash Out: 

3 sets Dead Hang Pull Ups

2 Responses

  1. Pushed it about as hard as my little jet lagged rear end would let me.

    325 for DL

    5 rds at 135. Nice little triplet.

    Need to get more consistent with my WODs. Looking back at my log my biggest week in several months was 3 WODs and 3 runs. 2 and 2 has been the norm with a couple of 1 WOD/ 2 run weeks. Funny how that relationship between working out and performance works ain’t it?