Time for another dose of SILVERBACK STRONG.

Warm Up: Rope and Row

Buy In:  Lunges + Push Ups


4 Rounds for Best Time
1A) Tire Flip x 5
1B) Kettlebell snatch x 5
1C) Weighted Pull Ups x 5
1D) Sled Drag x 100’ forwards / 100’ backwards

Cash Out: Tabata Sit Ups

As you may have read in the "comments" Linda's not a big fan of the tires. Judging from the photo not one of my biggest fans today either.

Dana got things started off right.

Jim digging deep on the "BIG" tire.

Sometimes it still knocks me over how far Russell has come.


7 Responses

  1. Okay, so I didn’t do yesterday’s WOD, however the sun does take a lot out of you :p
    but considering yesterdays WOD AND the day before (21, 18, 15…..) you might be thinking Matt would want to give us maybe an active recovery day…………..WRONG!!

    This. Was. Tough.

  2. Jim Stewart

    This was a good WOD. The sled drag / pull was not easy. To All Silverback members:

    I called Casey out yesterday as a wimp for not showing up at the 05:00 workout. I am retracting the “wimp” comment after watching her take-on the sled dag / pull 4x today. She was a monster and did not takae the low road.

  3. momsnotfuling

    I DON’T LIKE TIRES! and I get to deal with them in someway two times today. Lisa was great partner and girl-rillas awesome. Note to self wear shirt with sleeves and already black in color when dealing with tires. 5K training saturday so see ya’ll next week.

      1. momsnotfuling

        Ha, Ha, Tim. Fun is saying all next week that “NO, really- I got these bruises on my upper arm from tire flipping” Which leads them to ask…Why?! Because I am a Crossfit Woman! (Wouldn’t she be a great superhero?)

  4. Thank you “Mr.Tire”. The red rashes on the front of my shoulders will be a great conversation starter at dinner tonight. Too bad I don’t have any ripped callouses to go along with them.