WARM UP:  Rope and Row

BUY IN:  Quarter Deck

STRENGTH:  Shoulder Press 3, 3, 2, 2, 1 @ 90% 1RM


For time
30x Back squat (bw)
Row 1000m
30x Burpees

CASH OUT:Pull Up Ladder 1-6 x 2

Cathy shows Emma how the Girl-rillas row.

Allie makes the squat look easy.

Finish it off with Burpees.


10 Responses

  1. Small but spicy class at 8:30. The girls really challenged themselves with the BSQT weight and pushed hard through the row and burpees.

    Congrats to Mariann who conquered the kip…….No More Band! No More Band! No More Band!!!!

    Did this WOD seem familiar to anyone else??

  2. Judi

    This video is hysterical! As a former Zumba addict and current Crossfit junky I completely get both sides. Why can’t both cults just live in harmony with one another 😉

  3. Gracie Oliver

    I was at the REC center here at LSU and I was deadlifting 210 and was recruited by the LSU powerlifting team. I was flattered but I think I will just stick with Crossfit! I miss you all!!

  4. Slow and tentative with this WOD.

    8:38 with 95 # . Did the squats slow and deliberate but unbroken. I’m happy to report no knee pain. My patellar tendon is very tight do to not having done anything with that knee since June 10th. I rowed a 3:51 and 30 “no jump” burpees (there should be a name for these but I haven’t had enough coffee yet to be clever).

    See everyone on Sat morning. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate…