WARM UP: PVC Shoulder Mobility and Snatch Practice

BUY IN:  The Bear Complex

STRENGTH: Power Snatch 4×3 @ 90%


10 rounds
5x Clean & jerks (135#/85#)
5x Pull-ups, strict

Cash Out: 

2 min Med ball sit ups

9 Responses

  1. garret

    We need to have some more action on here. Post your weight and times. Let’s get some discussion going tomorrow.

  2. Garret, It was good having you and the crew there yesterday. Hope to see yall back tonight.

    John, I venture to say after this weekend will be back at 205 haha.

    1. garret

      Thanks garrett. We really enjoyed it. I needed a rest day and a certain person in our group is having car problems. We should be back tomorrow. And good one jon. Lol.