WARM UP:  Run & Skip

BUY IN:  Run Row and Rope  row 250, run 200, 150 single unders

STRENGTH:  Sled Push 3 x .75 BW


Max rounds in  minutes 13 (lucky) .
Front Squat (155#/#95 ), add 3 reps per round
Run 200m

Cash Out: 


8 Responses

  1. garret

    So are we starting off w 3 fs and then running 200m. . . Then 6. . .200. . .etc for 13 min? I need to work on my front squats. Should be there tomorrow.

  2. Joe

    Shot in the dark here….Garret, you doing the programing this week :).

    Will miss today, but spent some time in the water this AM. 2x300m warm up. 12 – 100m decreasing tempo. Will be back for all- you-can-eat Friday.

    In favor of more traffic on the site. Post it up Silverbacks.

  3. Well: I did 6+7 rounds this morning. My weight was 95#’s. I know it’s not as heavy as I could have possibly gone, but my technique was good, and my shoulder felt good at the end of the WOD. I am slowly getting back to normal.

  4. Rich

    Completed first week. Sore as hell…but already feel a drastic change. Also my metabolism is off the charts because I’m always hungry now….need some ideas for healthy snacks…lol..Today got 5 rounds and 18 front squats at 135 in 13 min. ….

  5. Aggie93

    Rich, Great work. precook some chicken breast on your day off and put it in the fridge. take it with you and eat it cold with an apple and a couple of handfuls of almonds. This is one of my favorites. Plain to be sure, but that’s how I roll sucka!

  6. Aggie93

    I hit this one today (Friday). Or more aptly put, “It kicked me right in the _ _ _ _ s”. 5 + 5 at 140. I was rolling along pretty good until the round of 12. Then the wheels came off.

    My run tonight should be “muy interesting”.