WARM UP: Down and Back x 3

BUY IN:  See Above


WOD: ” EVA” (This one is going on the board!)

Five rounds for time of:

Run 800 meters

30 x Kettlebell swing (70/53)

30 x Pull-ups.


This is what Eva with an 80lb KB looks like.

Tough week to start back.

After a 38 minute "adventure" Ryan needed some quiet time.

15 Responses

  1. jonathan

    48:27 Rx. 150 pullups is no joke and definitely the place I got bogged down. This WOD has Ryan Y written all over it.

  2. Ryan Y

    Hahaha…I’m glad you have confidence in me but it’s probably going to be a struggle…..Good job by the way, hell of a time for Rx.

  3. Well, I can’t claim RX because the 70# KB would have pulled my lightweight a$$ around the box. I did it with a 53#er in a time of 39:50.

    Johnathan is right, 150 pull-ups is no joke, especially after yesterdays WOD.

  4. Jim Stewart

    48:15 time with use of a band. Swung the 70 lb kb without much of an issue. I need to learn to kip and butterfly.

    Ryan, The Dentist, swung the 80 lb kb for two rounds before he figured it out. He repsonse was priceless.

    1. This i gotta here. Sorry I missed the festivities. Worked late and there was no way I was waking up this am. Will try and get this WOD done at the office with a rower and dumbbells. Rower, pullups and KB swings….yikes!

  5. What WOD doesn’t have Ryan Y written all over it?

    If there was a WOD with repartee as the main component it would have Ryan O written all over it.

    Next week can we do WALL-E?

  6. jonathan

    awesome time! You smoked it at sub 40. That is sub 8 minutes per round, which is the pace I was hoping to keep but just could not string the pullups. Nice one.

    1. Thanks Johnathan, but I was swinging 17#’s less than you. Matt and I discussed the KB weight before I started. I could have gone a little heavier, like 60, but there is no such animal.

  7. Ryan Y

    Dear Jon,

    Don’t get mad because I beat your a** at the DL/PU WOD the other day…..you had your glory from the 6:00am class till the 5:30pm class. That’s all I am going to give you. That must suck knowing that you can’t even be on top for more than 12hrs. My goal at CFSB is to never let you win ever again.


    Ryan Y.

    P.S. Have fun on your trip…..when you get back it’s going down

  8. Poor Ryan O – It was my bad grabbing the 80# KB to start the WOD. All the cannonballs look the same at that size…right? We actually shared the 80# the first round. I dropped it and went to the 53# to finish and to be honest was mildly dissapointed that I did….right up until Ryan said “for @*#$*#$()#*#$% sake I’m swinging a 80# KB durring round 2.

    Sorry bro – guess I’ll send you a couple extra Advil..your going to need it after today. Good job nontheless.

  9. Todd Haralson

    That was horrible. 58:56 Rx.
    As you know, Ryan Yeatman is a freak. I don’t remember his exact time, but it was ridiculous- something like 37:00 Rx.
    I don’t know if I pulled a Ryan O, but I definitely had some choice words for Eva this afternoon.
    Great job to all who took this one on. Here’s hoping we don’t see this one again for awhile.
    Too bad the WOD is already posted for tomorrow. My suggestion would’ve been a massage.
    Did I mention today was horrible?