WARM UP:  And More

BUY IN:  Grin & Bear It (Tag team: Run 200m while partner repeats Bear Complex 2 rounds)

STRENGTH:  Deadlift @ 90% 3×4


3 rounds

Clean & jerk (155#) 15-10-5x reps
Sprint 100 yards

Cash Out: 

1 min max of T2B, K2E or wall ball sit ups

6 Responses

  1. aggie93

    DL = 3 x 4 @ 355

    WOD: 8:01 @ Rx (155 is heavy for me. The big boys will crush this weight)

    Cash out = Wall Ball 39 @ 16#

  2. I think Dick just called me fat. 5:21 Rx. Try to hold onto the bar as much as you can, no doubt dropping the bar cost me some time as I reset and re-gripped. I would have given anything to see my “sprints”. I felt like I was running into a hurricane force headwind.

  3. Joe

    Smokin fast their boys! Spot me a couple of minutes and it would have been a good race.

    Scott, good to see you post up. Miss you at the box and in the “sac” now that the weather is cooler. Don’t worry, we won’t let any scotch go to waste.