WARM UP: Push Ups and Lunges

BUY IN:   Monkeys and Bears

STRENGTH: Power Snatch 4×3 @ 95% 1RM


Increased Gravity
Max rounds in 3 minutes
Repeat for 5 rounds, 1 minute rest after each round
50m DB Farmer carry (55# DBs)
20x Squats
50m DB Farmer carry
15x Push ups

Cash Out: 

3 x Pull Ups near max (Deadhang)

3 Responses

  1. aggie93

    Why I let John O talk me in to 70# KBs I have no idea. I was chasing Roger the whole way. (Roger don’t take that out of context).

    7 + 19 squats.

  2. Roger

    Don’t worry dick I know what you mean. But it was a little awkward when AC-DC’s “Big Balls” came on the radio and you were reaching for the 70# KB.