WARM UP: 400m & more

BUY IN:  Push Ups & Lunges

STRENGTH:  Kipping and Butterfly


Coach Walter
3 rounds
Run 400m
40x Walking lunge steps
30x Sit ups
20x Push ups
10x Burpees


8 Responses

  1. Drew’s WOD:

    24 hr AMRAP

    1 dirty diaper change
    1 bottle feeding
    1 9lb baby burp (spit up optional)
    1 lulla bye
    1 wet diaper change
    1 giant grin on proud pappa’s face

    Congrats Drew!! Believe it or not, I’m jealous.

      1. Jim Stewart

        Congrat! Hope everyone is doing great. When they can travel; bring them up to the box on a Saturday. I sure the SB family would love to see them.

  2. Dick that sound just like the night I just had! Except no wet diapers she did it on my bed!

    For those of you who don’t know Meredith and I had a baby yesterday 9lbs 2oz 20.5in long Mercer Leigh Hendricks. Delivered with the CrossFit games on in the background by an amazing woman!

    1. So you watched the Games during delivery? Not the way to win Momma’s praise. It sounds like a modern version of the 70’s when guys on tv shows were watching the world series, the superbowl, or monday night football during the big moment. I retract my earlier statement…I am not jealous because Momma Bear is gonna eat you!

      On the other hand maybe we will witness the raising of the next “Iceland Annie”. What would the Mercer WOD look like?