WARM UP: Ultimate Stretch  

BUY IN:   Bears and Burpees 1-5 with partner

STRENGTH: Power Cleans Work up to 3 x 2 @ 100% 1RM


3 rounds
10x Front squats (135#/95#)
20x Burpees
Row 500m

Cash Out: 

2 min x TGU Sit Ups

13 Responses

    1. aggie93

      I hate to tell you this but DJ was well below 12. Like 11:15. He destroyed this thing. And this thing destroyed me. Felt like I was breathing with half of a lung. I was 5 minutes and 45 seconds behind DJ.

  1. Jessica Ayala

    Not sure how I have been walking around on these noodles I have for legs today, but I’m still waiting for the moment I’m going to fall face first in a store Haha 🙂

  2. erick

    I’ve been very active my entire life, but crossfit takes it to another level. I finished my WOD in a whopping 19:10 at 95lbs, plenty of room for improvement. Better days to come, can’t wait till Wednesday!