WARM UP: Down and Back

BUY IN:   Same

STRENGTH: Power Snatch 3×2 @ 100% 1RM


7 rounds
5x Power clean (155#)
10x Push-ups
15x Double unders

Cash Out: 

3 x Pull Ups near max (Deadhang)

5 Responses

  1. aggie93

    W/U: d&b then 3x 50 double unders

    No SWOD bc I have a run at lunch

    WOD: 8:39 @ 135

    C OUT: 2 min med ball sit ups then 3×50 double unders

  2. Aggie93

    I actually took off about 2 inches today. struggled on the first round and then did ok from 3 thru 7. best set was the very last of the cash out. Went all 50 in just under 30 sec. for me that was like a 350 yd drive right down the middle of the fairway.