Coach’s Note:  I know I know.  It looks, like a chipper and smells like a chipper, holy crap Matt programmed a chipper.  Look again, there is no one element on this that should cause you to “manage your resources” aka hold back, in addition it’s only 2 rounds.  Go at this with everything you can, your breaks will take care of themselves.  Sprint numbers with only two rounds, go ahead take off the breaks and you just might surprise yourself.

WARM UP:  Run and Skip

BUY IN:  1 mile Tag Team Style

STRENGTH:  Hip and Shoulder Mobility


2 rounds
Run 400m
10x Burpee box jumps
20x Walking lunge steps, each leg
30x Push-ups
40x Squats
50x Double-unders

Cash Out: 


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  1. aggie93

    Good one. Over cooked the legs on relay (pseudo partner relay, I was athlete A and my watch was athlete B w 40 sec rest interval). First run was ok but my legs were done for the second round as my run time was around 30-40 sec slower.

    15:50 if I remember correctly.