WARM UP: Ultimate Stretch

BUY IN:  KB Swing Gauntlet

STRENGTH: Deadlift 5 x 5 @ 80%


4 rounds, 21-15-9-4x reps
Back squat (165#)
KB swing (72#)

CASH OUT: Tabata sit ups

As a Silverbacks we believe in digging deep, but this is a little over the top. Way to go Marc.

Cathy swings the 30 for reps for the first time. GREAT JOB SILVERBACK!

Kelley figures out how to off-set a 45lb kettlebell with a pony tail.

Nancy only on her second visit tore the WOD up.



15 Responses

  1. Great group this morning. Melissa you were awesome!

    8:30 Girls, I really, really miss you.

    Dick, Great job this morning. I really like that new stretch, although I don’t think it sounded like it this morning 😉

  2. New Stretch was good Dick!!! My hips and knees were cracking and popping the whole time. I did manage to complete the WOD in 8:30 Rx. Dancing with the 70# KB was a B****.

    1. There is too much “mushy talk” going on around here. Where are Jim and Drew when you need them? Is this where I’m supposed to get in touch with my sensitive side?

      Donna and Casey, let’s post some numbers girls! You both had great workouts. It may not have felt like it right after but y’all did great.

  3. Another tough WOD at the box this morning, but that’s why we keep coming back. Right? I did mine between the 6am and 830 am classes.

    My thoughts went like this:

    1. Who was the idiot that put this new stretch at the end of the Ultimate? What a duffuss, that wasn’t very comfortable.

    2. Why are these Kettlebells so damn heavy this morning? Must be increased gravitational pull due to the “La Nina” season or something.

    3.This stupid calculator has to be malfunctioning…There is no way that I should be lifting this much weight during the 5×5 deadlifts!!!

    4. Nobody is here so if I just skipped the main WOD would anyone really know or care? Why does this kettlebell feel so heavy?

    5. Holy mother hoochie!!!!…..breathe damnit! Crap! I’m gonna let the air out of the GIC’s tires when he isn’t looking!!…..why is 4 such a large number??? Breathe Damnit BREATHE.

    SWOD: 315
    WOD: 7:3x as Rx (right at 60% of 1RM)

  4. Killed it (for me..) 9:52.

    45 # back squat (1 RM is 85#)
    Push ups – full plank relatively new and that slowed me down a bit.
    30# KB. Only thought I could handle 20#, but Matt “encouraged” me to go to 30# and I did it!
    Whoo Hoo! Progress!

    Thanks, Matt, for pushing me to go beyond what I think I can do! And for all the encouragement from the 4:30 folks. Vicki – you beat me today, but neither one of us was last! 🙂 Carmen & Audra – great job! Thanks for helping me on my form.

    And my name for that new stretch is the “stripper stretch”.

  5. I know Dick. I really wanted to bring it up to Matt this morning but I just couldn’t get the words out! Maybe Monday morning someone at 5am will ask for that demonstration……..Jim perhaps?