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      1. Jim Stewart

        Aggie93, I am so misunderstood! I am a man of humble beginnings and respect all living creatures. I will admit that my comments / statements can be misconstrued by individuals of a lesser understanding. My intent is never to harm of inflict emotional pain, rather to enlighten.

  1. Endurance WOD: 15 min warm up run. Ultimate stretch plus. 5 x 2 min @ slightly faster than 5K pace. 5 min cool down run.

    Legs are feeling it. Tonight should be interesting. See y’all at 630

  2. Half hearted attempt at the CF Total tonight. I did hit a PR on the squat (first time I’ve squatted since messing up the knee so I was really happy with that) but fell apart on the shoulder press and Deadlift after that.

    However, Big George and Jeremy knocked it out of the park! Then they did the rowing WOD from Tuesday.

    I’ll have the gym open and ready for 9am for those of you who want to get your sweat on tomorrow morning. Good luck to Val and Company who are representing the Silverback Nation at the Oktober Obliteration tomorrow.