WARM UP: PVC Practice

BUY IN: Bear Complex x 3 min

STRENGTH: Deadlift 5×5 @ 80%


5 rounds
Run 400m
10x Clean & jerk (135#/85#)

CASH OUT: Pull Up Ladder 1-6-1

Craig snapping it up in his first full week after Fun de Mentals

Oz paid a price for 16:07

Kelley pulling hard to make sure her lifting kept up with her always fast runs.

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6 Responses

  1. Jim Stewart

    Dick, great job leading the 05:00 class. Good call on having us run a 200 meter before the PVC warm up. My glutei or glutes are fried. DL today was a struggle but managed through the 5 x 5 at 255 lbs with Mike.

  2. Yep: I second the thank you to Dick for running the 6:00 as well. I managed 1 WOD time of 16:34. Tried 95#’s, no good. I dropped to 75#’s, too light. I ended up settling on 85#’s.

  3. momsnotfuling

    Great Girl-rilla group. Kicking myself that I did not put the weight I used for 9-28th Wod, so I will put what I used today and make sure I write it in my book. 45# clean jerk, in 22:53.

  4. Todd

    Yes! Well done, Dick. I can’t recall my time from this AM, but full disclosure, I did about half the clean & jerks from the rack position instead of the hang clean before Dick corrected me. Oh, well.
    On a separate note, be on the lookout for rogue PVC pipes. I hear they’re tough customers- known to hit unsuspecting Crossfit coaches in the mouth.

  5. Ok, so a little mouth update is in order. A minuscule rogue PVC pipe utilized by a semi coherent and unsuspecting Aggie Crossfit instructor can cost said instructor in the neighborhood of 1K of hard earned greenskies!

    Did a turbo version of the WOD at home before traveling to Aggieland to deposit my little testosterone factory with the Fightin’ Texas Aggie Corps of Cadets for a little “intelligence” gathering mission. I did my best to embarrass him before partaking in some local non paleo cuisine.

    My version of today’s WOD:

    Knead the Dough: Scrub and clean the pool

    Warmup: Pack the Jeep with everyone’s “stuff” for the trip

    Strength: 5×5 with 320#

    WOD:run unknown distance (initial run was 2 min so ~ 400 m)
    10 x 135# (all from the ground bc there is no way I can hang clean 135 for reps) of C&J

    3 Rds in 15:36

    That’s all the time I had. Furthermore, I would have been there another 15 min trying to finish the last 2 rds. that was heavy for me. Not strong enough to do that weight at speed.

    thanks everyone for the “Atta boys” . I t was my pleasure to provide the comic relief for 5am

  6. Another bright note of the day…

    Today’s evening formation on the Corps’ quad was PT. Several of the units were performing CF style workouts. Tire flipping, pullups, sprints, pushups, sandcookies…well the fish were making sandcookies but I digress. Refreshing to see that there is more going on than unit runs. If Chris decides to join these guys he will be right at home.