WARM UP: Down and Back

BUY IN:   Same

STRENGTH: Navy Seal Pull Up Complex


5 rounds
18-15-12-9-6x KB swing (70#/53#)
10-20-30-40-50x Abmat sit-ups
40 x Double unders

Cash Out: 

Hand Stand Push Ups x 3 sets

Mandy making short work of the 53# KB, must be the socks!!!

Thanks to near perfect Double Unders  even with  a 45# KB Samantha finished sub 10, GREAT JOB!  Next time the 53#, maybe Mandy has an extra pair of socks.

Reynold, starting to bring the heat a couple of weeks after “never having really worked out”, AWESOME JOB SILVERBACK! It’ never too late and it’s never too important!