WARM UP: Rope & Row

BUY IN:  See Above


TGU 3×3


5 rounds
8x Power cleans (155#/115#)
Row 250m

Cash Out: TGU sit Ups x 2 min

Chris always brings the intensity.

Fatigue erodes form, but reveals character. Dana is a warrior.

If your going to wear the shirt you gotta lift the weight.

After his first month one thing is clear, JR likes to compete.





6 Responses

  1. Early morning run at the hotel. Today’s endurance prescription was 6 – 8 x 200’s. For me these were done on a treadmill at the hotel. 2% grade and 6 min to 5:30 min/mile pace and I chose 6 instead of 8 because I am mentally weak.

    See y’all this afternoon. Today’s WOD looks like it will finish off my legs completely!

  2. Dick, I don’t know where you get the motivation to do all this on your own but I greatly admire it!

    This was really a fun WOD. I just LOVE heavy cleans. I didn’t go Rx but did 95lb and that was enough for me….I don’t even mind rowing too much when it’s 250.

    Great work to the newbies this morning Chris, John and Lisa! You guys are awesome!

    1. I paid for my morning motivation on this WOD. 155 is heavy for me (I think my 1 RM is like 165 or 170) and well rowing is still not in my wheel house either. So…..13:03 Rx. Am I sacrificing some performance on the WODs by doing the endurance stuff in conjunction?…for now. I think over time my body will begin to adapt as the weeks progress (as long as I stay consistent and rest). Time will tell. I just know that I love to run, ride, swim, hike, etc and that’s what CF is to me. It’s (CF is) the lifestyle and programming that will allow me to stay strong and still do all the insane things that I love. I just have to adjust my paradigm and take a gradual sustainable path to improving both modalities. Yikes what a wind bag I am tonight.

      BTW…Jon, J.C. and Marc(k) knocked it WAY out of the park at sub 10 Rx during the 430 class. I’m pretty sure this was in Todd H’s wheelhouse as well .