4 Responses

  1. This one was not fun, but I knew that it would suck when I read it. I know that anytime that I have to put weight over head my time is going to suck. Congrats to Tom on killing it. Even though Matt dropped it down to 4 rounds I still had a sucky time of 18:04, and that was was with 65#’s 🙁

  2. Jim Stewart

    Good WOD. Shaved 1:33 from my time on 8/31/11 or maybe it was 8/15/11. Tried to RX it but the pull-ups got me. Had to go band for the 4th round and my last 7 reps. While running my 3rd 400 meter is was telling myself to drop from 95 lbs (1/2 my BW) to 75 lbs. When Matt clipped the rounds from 5 to 4, I decide to stay at 95 lbs.