COACH’S NOTE:  First yes it’s body weight week, time to let your system recover from those punishing heavy workouts.   Many athletes recognize the benefits of “going heavy”, but underestimate the recovery necessary to fully reap the benefits.  You don’t have to sit still, but by taking a week where we don’t go anywhere near maximal we will make bigger gains down the road.  Remember most strong medicine works best when taken in measured doses.  Second, just because it’s body weight doesn’t mean it is going to be easy, so this week I threw you to the BWW (body weight wolf) Dick D.  May he be merciful, but from the looks of Monday, it don’t look good.

WARM UP: Down and Back

BUY IN:   Same

STRENGTH: Navy Seal Pull Up Complex


8 Ball (16 min AMRAP)

200 meter run

16 Jumping Squats (Hands touch ankles)

24 Atomic Situps

16 Lunges

24 Strict situps

8 Lateral Jumping Burpees

24 4 ct. Flutter Kicks

 Cash Out: 

Near Max Push Ups x 3 sets

13 Responses

  1. Mel

    I’m definitely NOT crying. I’m excited to get my butt whipped. I need it to be ready for Dec. 1! The harder the workout, the more prepared I will be. 😉 (that’s what I tell myself to survive the workouts)

  2. Scott

    2 Rounds + 200m + 76 and for those wondering a weather update for you the highs have been in the mid 20s for the last week with about 6in of snow on the ground here in Calgary.

    1. Joe A.

      Scott, wish you would have made an apperance this last weekend in H-Town. Kristen said you have been following the programing and are pretty ripped up now.

      1. scott

        Joe, sorry I missed the Halloween party. It looks like it was another good one based on the pics. Yes I’m still doing the WODs 3-4 days/week. I’m definitely getting stronger but I know my times are slower than they could be because I’m not working out in the box with you guys pushing me. I plan on coming into the box when we’re in Houston after Christmas.

    1. 3 rounds + 200m run. If I had not been toast after running the last 200 in less than 50 seconds I probably could have gotten in a few jumping squats.