WARM UP: PVC Practice

BUY IN: Bear Complex 3 min

STRENGTH:  Back Squat 5×5 75%


5 rounds
Use same bar load throughout
15x Deadlift (135#/95#)
12x Hang power clean
9x Front squat
6x Push jerk


Quite a few fashion statements today; Seeing hunting season fast approaching Jim takes the "safety orange" for a test drive.

Micky also chose to make a "strong" statement with her shirt.

Good technique Sam, but what's the deal with the socks.

The socks again? Hello, did someone forget to send me the memo?

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12 Responses

  1. Oh Mondays……..

    I only did 3 rounds. I could say it was a time issue but honestly it was just so stinking heavy and when Matt gave the option I took it. I’m regretting it now.

    Nice job Joe and Ryan.

  2. Jim Stewart

    I am with Casey. Went with 115 lbs and could have struggled through the 5 rounds. The little voice told me to stop after 3 rounds and I am regretting it. The focus is to attend the 05:00 class Tues. thru Thurs. and hope for the buffet on Friday. I will attack this again on Friday.

    Nice job to Lynn for getting through 4 rounds after Matt announce the 3 round minimum and to Joe and Ryan forthe 5 round completion.

  3. I must not have been paying attention very well b/c I knew nothing of the 3 round option until I was halfway through the 4th round. I just thought I was going slow.

  4. Joe

    Jim/Casey – I regret dropping 20lbs after the first round thinking I was going to die before I got through 5 rounds – Large part of the reason I went the full 5 rounds. I gave up weight to go the distance. Thanks for the kind words. Like Jim – may want one more shot at this one.

    Ryan – when are you going to learn to quit following my lead? Didn’t I get you swing the 80lbs cannonball a few weeks back (in lieu of the 72). My bad bro X2.

  5. OK, let me clear this up. At the 5am this morning it looked like some of you were not going to make it to the runway by 6:00am so judging by where a couple of you were I adjusted to 3 rounds. I immediately was made aware that there were some 4 rounders in the crowd so I said keep going. If anyone did 3 and feels gypped I will be at the Box on Friday with the Buffet and a steaming lump of 5 rounds of MORE OF THE SAME for you. By the way 20:10 Rx.

  6. Joe

    Ouch – if you kept the 5 rounds for the ballance of the day; no wonder no one else is posting. They all died!

  7. momsnotfuling

    There was 65# on my bar until I got to the first round of power hang cleans. Then I dropped 20 # like quick and in a hurry. Stayed at 45# until the end, but it wasn’t pretty. Time 15:45

  8. Too much going on with the family to make in this afternoon (Dr’s appointments and church Halloween “festival”).

    Endurance WOD: 4 x 1 mile run at 7:45 – 7:50 (slightly slower than 5K pace) with 1 min rest in between each mile. Did this one on the treadmill at the office and instead of 1 min rest I walked .1 miles (just made all the mental math easier).

    Super tired this evening. need to catch up on some sleep deprivation. see y’all in the morning.