WARM UP: Med Ball Toss

BUY IN:  Burpee Breathing Ladder 1-8

STRENGTH: Deadlift 3,2,2,1,1 @ 90% of 1 RM


3 rounds
Overhead squat (95#/65#) 9-15-21x reps
Burpee box jumps 21-15-9x reps
Run 800-400-200m

CASH OUT:Wall Walks (handstand hold) x 3 

5 Responses

  1. Thanks to all for the patience and hard work. Lots of people moving around at 5a. 6a was light on people but heavy on work. Nice job to both classes.

    My 7 o’clock suffer fest was:

    SWOD: DL @345

    WOD: Rx (yes I did the box jumps like a big boy Jim/Johnathan) @ 95# and 24″ box

    time: 16:46 (includes time walking in from the “pole” to look at the clock)

    Run times were :50 to :55 per lap. Last was :52

    1. Jim Stewart

      Awesome job Dick both corraling the 05:00 class and your time with the WOD. Very proud that you did not “ryan” the burpee box jumps. Everyone at 05:00 did a great job managing this rather daunting WOD.

      My time was 18:53 with 95# and 20″ box first two rounds and 24′ the last.

  2. Thanks for your great work this morning Dick. I arrived at the gym this morning to find a 24 inch box and small puddle of sweat, see Dick’s post above. I got to see some great efforts today. Frank still working on that range of motion along with Marc on the OHS they did a Front Squat version of WOD and killed it with a 14 flat and 13:2? respectively. Maria upped her game today by completing all OHS and little Kelley is upping the poundages doing her OHS at 1/2 BW. All in all a really strong response from the Silverbacks to a really challenging WOD. GIC 15:24 Rx on the last round I could not pick up my head on the run, literally looked like a boiled shrimp in running shoes. BIZARRE! You just going to let that Jim comment hang out there Ryan.