WARM UP: And More

BUY IN:  KB Swing Clean and Press with a Partner

STRENGTH: Overhead Squat  3,2,2,1,1 @ 90% of 1 RM


Max rounds in 20 minutes
10x Push press (115#)
10x KB swings (70#)
10x Box jumps (24 inch)


We often say that intensity is the secret sauce, Sarah has it in spades!

Ryan sporting the new "Pale-e-oh" physique.

Upping the Kettlebell weight. How bout them apples!


17 Responses

  1. I was unable to lift the marker to write my rounds on the bar.
    7 rds. plus 4 push press
    75lb p/p
    53lb kb
    The push press was definitely my limiting factor. After the warm up and OHS, I think I was just tired. I do very much appreciate Joe and Ian not dropping their bars on me…..we were like sardines this morning.

  2. Todd

    SBs, as much as I’ve been missing the WODs, I’ve been missing the Nation even more. Last week on an evening run, I tweaked something in my knee, so I’m taking some time. Also leaving for a week out of town with work. Hope to see all of you soon.

      1. Todd Haralson

        What’s the RICE thing again, rest, ice, c?, elevate?
        Felt like a tendon. That’s what I get for running, I guess.
        btw, Dick, check your facebook page. I had a question for you re: your shoes. I think my old shoes are the primary culprit for my knee strain.

  3. I “growned” while getting squashed by the Rx weight. Holy mother of pearl!

    SWOD: 135 slow and deliberate.

    WOD: 7 rds 6 PP Rx (115,70,24)

    Bit off a bit more than I could chew on the Rx weight. You ever get that feeling of walking up to a bully and telling him to stop picking on the new kid? Well, I was the scared guy walking up to the bully and the skinny little new kid all at the same time. The jury is still out on who won.

  4. Worked out with Dick at 9:30. Got 10 Rounds Rx. Thanks to 5 and 6 am for posting such great times this morning, it is always easier when I have someone to chase. I also have to send a giant congratulation to a couple of the Girl-rillas Renee and Casey P. for upping their game on the kettlebell. Fast is good, strong is better and fast and strong is unbeatable. Keep it up Silverbacks.

  5. momsnotfuling

    Realize “I don’t (wanna) know Jack” anytime soon. 7 rounds 45#PP, 20#KB, and 20″ box. First WOD using 20″ box. TA-DAH! Great working out with different group than my usual 4:30/girl-rilla group. Thanks 5:30 group