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  1. Graeme

    What is “Silverback Strong”? A benchmark? What does it consist of?

    Like the look of your programming, may follow it at home…

  2. Joe

    To know “Silverback Strong” is to be “Silverback Strong”. Perhaps you should come try it out – it’s FREE for the first week!

    1. Roadtrip. Thanks for checking out the site Graeme. Let us here your results from the WODs. What’s your background? (powerlifting, endurance, etc.)

        1. Graeme

          M/32 – Co-ran a box here couple of years ago but then fell ill – glandular fever (think you guys call it ‘mono’…) – been a SLOW road back to recovery. Initially discovered kettlebells then CF through my martial arts training, but currently I’m focussing on (and loving) linear strength progression with some bodyweight metcons and am picking up some odds and ends to start some strongman stuff (kegs, tire, sled, ropes, etc).

          Roadtrip, absolutely! Planning on heading back to the States at some point (first time was this summer for honeymoon!) so if we hit up Texas I’ll be sure to drop in 🙂

          Will post some scores for you once I get going…

    2. Joe

      Well than…I guess you will have to just follow along, post up some times and be part of the Silverback Family from across the pond. Pretty tight group…stick around and you’ll see. Go to 11/10 WOD and post up your time.

  3. Graeme;

    You could have done most of this version of Silverback Strong at home. Our Silverback Strong WOD’s are never the same. Yesterday’s version was:

    1) Deadlift 3,3,2,2,1 @ 85% 1round max

    2a) Floor press x 4, 3-6 reps

    2b) Deadhang Pull-ups x 4, max reps, stop before failure.

    3a) Cheat Curls x 3, 4-8 reps

    3b) Ring Push-ups x 3, max reps, stop before failure.

    4a) Sled Drag, approx 75 yds/68.5m x 4 done with light, medium, heavy weighted sled.

    I did this from memory, so I hope I described it correctly.

  4. Graeme (Newcastle, England)

    Cheers guys! Well after such a warm welcome how can I refuse?!

    In the midst of a linear progression cycle at the moment, so will focus on adding in a few of your WODs from next week. Will post my scores and scaling (converted to pounds for you non-metrics!).

    Looking forward to it……..