WARM UP: PVC Snatch Practice

BUY IN:  Tabata Burpee

STRENGTH: Light Snatch Practice


Nasty Navy Seal Complex

All pull ups are Dead Hang

2 Rounds
Pull Ups x 7 
Push Ups x 10
Squat Jumps x 14 
2 Rounds
Wide Grip Pull Ups x 7 
Wide Push Ups x 10
Forward Lunge x 14 (each leg)
2 Rounds
Chin Ups x 7
Off–Set Push Ups x 10
Rear Lunge x 14 (each leg)


There, that doesn't look too difficult.

Yikes, that does!


Smiling, really Rhonda?

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6 Responses

  1. As if the Navy Seal complex wasn’t bad enough, Matt had to go and make it “nasty”. Thanks.

    Stretching was so good this morning.

    WOD is fine, not sure why I hate it so much…….oh yeah, dead hang, that’s why ;p

  2. I dub this WOD the “Double Triple Triple”. Just my two cents. Much more palatable than some “nasty” thing. My goodness what is this world coming to?

    Anywho, the tabata Burpees killed me for some reason. I mean more than normal. I’m going to blame it on yesterday’s swim session.

    CFE (run) WOD at lunch: 6 x 800 with 2 – 3 min rest between. Me dogs they are a barkin’, but me soul is a happy.