WARM UP: PVC Snatch Practice

BUY IN:  Same

STRENGTH: Snatch Med/Med Heavy


Hang Power Snatches (1-10)/Row 10Cal/Toes 2 Bar (10-1)

So it would look like this: 1HPS-10cal row-10T2B, 2HPS-10cal row-8 T2B.. The last round would 10HPS-10 cal row-1T2B


The rules: look at the camera, we publish the picture


Always safety conscious Joe breaks out the hunter orange for the WOD.

Working hard, pulling weight and the Texas flag; perfect.


3 Responses

  1. It looked like we could be headed for disaster this morning with 3x the people to rowers…………..but wait……….in stepped the calm, cool and collected Dick to save the day! We had very little wait time on the rowers and got in a heck of a workout.

    p.s. Whoever kept moving the damper to 10 this morning……..you’re not nice.

  2. Thanks Casey. I feel like I should have insisted on some folks going a little bit lighter. I dropped the ball there and I apologize. I’m pretty sure the intended time domain of the WOD wasn’t supposed to be that long. As usual the 5 am was extraordinarily patient with my class organization “skills”.

    Lunch time Strength WOD:

    Squat (Smith machine): 3x 5 @ 255 (way easier on the Smith Machine)
    Bench Press: 3 x 5 @ 200
    Deadlift: 1 x 5 @ 315
    Cleans: 3 x 3 (135, 140, 145)
    Pullups: 3 x 8 (weighted +25)

    Now I need to think of a metcon to do here at the house or maybe do a run.

    Bundle up in the morning folks this is cold by Texas standards.