COACH’S NOTE:  Well….not throwing anyone under the bus here but, Garrett came up with this one and Wednesday’s heart breaker and leg shaker.  Can you smell what your coach is cooking?  I think I can.  Treat each one of these 4 minutes as a full out sprint, don’t lolligag in the transition (we know that trick too).  You get a two minute rest, that’s  a 2:1 work to rest just like “Tabata”.  Open up the throttle and really see what   you got while at the same time melting that muffin top like butter on a biscuit at a July picnic.  Say, does that make anyone else hungry?

WARM UP:  Run & Skip

BUY IN:  Mile Relay

STRENGTH:  Shoulder Press 4 x 3 @ 90%



4 min AMRAP:

10 x Wall Ball

Sit-Ups x 5-10-15-20-25-30

Rest 2 minutes

4 min AMRAP:

KB x 10 Swings (70,55)

Pull-Ups x 3-6-9-12-15-18-21

Rest 2 minutes

4 min AMRAP:

400m Run

Jerk (135/95) AMRAP remaining time

 Cash Out: 

Group Stretch

4 Responses

  1. Joe A

    I liked the WOD this AM. Started on the Run/jerk. Finished the run with more than 2 min left. Was able to get 30 reps (5 reps every 20sec) and was pretty spent afterward). Next up was wall balls/sit-ups. I claimed 5 rounds on the board but later learned that the sit-up portion was not increments of 3 but rather 5. I still did 50 f-ing wall balls. Nonetheless my shoulders were cooked and I laid on the floor for the full 2 min transition. Last stop was KB swings/pull ups. This hurt after the wall balls and I found every excuse to only do 2 rounds plus 10 KB swings. Justifying it then was way easier than reliving it now.

    Well done Garrett, 5AM liked it.

  2. judiharmon

    Well done Garrett!
    I liked this wod! I always like wods that have lots of moving parts. Bonus was having Zach back :). Hate-hate-hate to miss Val’s Saturday wod but the boy has a basketball game so my wod will consist of driving two hours to watch a 1 hour game – it’s kind of tabata 2:1 😉