WARM UP: PVC Snatch Practice

BUY IN:  Tabata Squats w/”rest”

STRENGTH: Snatch (Med Practice)


5 rounds
5x Hang power snatch (115#/75#)
15x Overhead squat

CASH OUT:  Pull Ups 3×8

Yup, it really was that intense this morning.

No matter where or who you are, INTENSITY and FOCUS is the secret sauce.

You always have to keep an eye on the kids at the back of the class.



5 Responses

  1. It’s been a rough two weeks without him,
    just not the same at the gym.

    He was basking, then traveling, then nursing a cold
    I was really missing him, truth be told

    And finally today he did reappear
    Welcome back, Jim dear.

    65lb 10:?? Nice WOD. OHS no problem. Hang snatch, bit of a problem.

  2. Somedays, I don’t even like the taste of my own medicine. 16:01 Rx, Hats off to John O. for a sub 13, “pride goeth before the fall”, at least I don’t need my shoulders to type. Val crushed it a round ahead of me (or did she do 4?) nah. The Girl-rillas did a great job upping the weight on the workout. Remember on the O-lifts, speed is a product of proficiency, proficiency comes with practice and practice and practice and practice. On the other hand head up hips back GRIP IT AND RIP IT.

  3. Even though this is one heck of a barn burner I would enjoy couplets like this one. Probably chickened out by going 95# and should have man’d up with 105. 115# is still out of reach for me on these.

    Finished in 11:37 having to break the OHS into 8’s and 7’s on the last couple of sets with the snatch almost unbroken.

    John O, how was that plane ride to New Mexico buddy? 🙂

    Nutritional confession to follow later (I’ve been a baaad boy)…