WARM UP: Rope & Row

BUY IN:  See Above


Deadlift @ 3,3,2,2.1 @ 90%


Ten Rounds (w/partner)

Row x 150m

Renegade Manmaker (w/squat clean) + Dumbell Bear Crawl + Renegade Manmaker (w/squat clean)

Cash Out: Tabata Sit Ups

10 Responses

  1. OK, yesterday took a toll. I feel like someone screwed my legs back on and got the threading crooked (poor control of the knees is the culprit). Garrett was able to carry us to a 8:4?. Russell and Alec made a strong team this morning turning in the first sub 10 time of the day. Let’s see what the afternoon has to offer as Clint from CrossFit Coronado will be visiting.

  2. John

    Drop in class at CF Santa Fe….

    15 min AMRAP
    10 x 135 DL
    15 x 20 lb Wall Ball
    20 x Box Jump

    Did 6 rounds and change….7000 ft of altitude didn’t help…represented CFSB though by leading class.

  3. Didn’t have a bunch of time before work this am so I did the standard Rippetoe 3×5 of Squat (205), Bench Press (185)and Deadlift (285) at the house before grabbing the lunch pail and rushing out like Dagwood.

    Now to the important issues at hand….

    BEAT THE HELL OUTTA t.u.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Gig’em Ags!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    That is all.