WARM UP: Rope and Row

BUY IN:  Rowing Relay


1) Deadlift @ 3,2,2,1.1 @ 100%

2a) Double KB Squat Cleans 4 x 3-6

2b) Farmer Carry x 4

3a)  Squat Jumps 3 x 10

3b)  Ring Push Ups  3 x (near max effort)

4) Prowler Pushes 50m x 4

Cash Out: Tabata Sit Ups

Val finished off the night with a 260lb push "Even my face hurts".

Ashley ended her Texas Thanksgiving today with a WOD before the flight home. Come back soon.

Always good times when a competitor like Clint from CrossFit Coronado visits, he got all diesel before "heading back Cali". (Oh yea, I went there)


2 Responses

  1. Hotel WOD:

    Warm up: 400 jog + Ultimate

    Buy in: light push press gauntlet (25’s, 30’s, 35’s) x 3

    Strength: 5×5 DB shoulder press (50’s)

    WOD: 8-Ball (15 min AMRAP)

    8 one arm DB Snatch (40#) each arm
    24 Atomic Sit ups
    16 DB Goblet Squats (50#)
    24 Strict sit ups (Marine Corps Standard)
    8 Jumping burpees (over bench in gym, ~ 16 in.)
    24 4-count flutter kicks

    3 rounds complete

    Cash out 3 x 12 elevated push ups (hand release w chest on ground)