I am not a big fan of “chippers”, they remind me of a Chinese buffet, impresive in the offering but in the end not as satisfying as a good steak.  With that said, you don’t have to like your medicine you just have to take it.

“The Regurgitator”

1 Set max pull ups (not timed)

For Time: Row 250m, 30 Atomic Sit-Ups, 30 Dips, 30 Box Jumps, 30 Thrusters, 30 Push Ups, 30 Turkish Get Ups

Take # of pull ups and x2 subtract from time.


Casey: "The Box Whisperer"

We will be participating in the CF Lumberjack tribute to their members and others killed by the  Ft. Hood terrorist.  This is open to anyone interested, please come by 0900 on Saturday ready to show your determination.

See everything we do in a workout on “Our WOD”

12 Responses

  1. Casey Wilson

    Oh Man, I didn’t even know the name of this workout and I lived up to it! This is the worse I have ever felt in a CF workout. Matt I am sorry you had to witness it. I hope to be back to my old self by Friday.

    1. Linda

      Poor Casey, Is there a theme to your pictures on the 11-6 Wod he has you “talking” to the wall ball and today the “box whisperer”? Mine would probably be not trying to meet pukey:) See you Friday, I hope..Are we closed for snow??

  2. Tim M

    Interesting workout. I look forward to learning/developing the Pistols. I need to work on balance w/my Rt leg. Left leg needs both balance & strength development.

    Did 16DH PUs w/small band. Total time was 27:09; minus the PUs was 26:37

  3. Linda

    Max # ring rows in place of pull ups. Did 250m row and then 20 dips beween boxes, 30 reg sit ups, 20 thursters (10 lb), 20 assisted push ups, 20 box jumps, 15-20 TGU with a 10lb dumbell. Lost count several times during TGH.
    OMGosh, on the positive side I have set a new PR for TGH, now I will have to work more on dips. Liked the music Matt, ok, it was my music. Don’t hate the cascada.

  4. Justin

    Casey……Were you selling buicks??, calling Ralph?? During or after this WOD?

    Dear Lord, it brought one of Crossfits finest down. I must try this..

  5. Casey Wilson

    Matt, I thought you were a friend. Why did you post that picture?? With that caption????!! Wasn’t it already bad enough? Did you have to extend the torture? I wanted to forget this day and now you have to go and scrapbook it! Please can we just move on 🙂

  6. Gary

    Don’t Turks ride “yaks”? Appropriate.

    Casey, you must not have been feeling well. Don’t you normally box jump 24?

    If it makes it you feel any better, Christina almost yakked before we got started. Proud of her for making it through. Can’t say I appreciate the Turkish culture.