The “anti-chipper”

Alright,  back to that unsustainable sprint pace, remember if you’re in a comfortable  rhythm you’re wrong.

For time 5 rounds:

10 Pull Ups

20 Box Jumps

See everything we do in a workout on “Our WOD”

4 Responses

  1. Casey Wilson

    Hey Brad, Welcome aboard! It was great having you this morning.

    Matt, As always, great workout. This morning was a classic example of how important your training log is. I felt really uneasy with the OHS and only did 70lb when I got home and checked my book I had done 84lb in March. I’m sure Matt will make me pay for that later 🙂

    1. brad

      Thanks Casey. I enjoyed “day 1” at crossfit silverback. Looking forward to many more. Appears I’m going to have to step up my game to keep pace.

      Matt – great workout and enjoyed meeting you. I like the structure of your program.

  2. Tim M

    Hey Brad, welcome to CFSB!

    Did the KB Sprint (45#) in 1:36
    Max OHS was 95# and form SUCKED. Shoulder mobility is still a major issue.
    WOD itself was 6:49

  3. Linda

    KB spring (25lb) 50 in 1:27
    Overhead squat with aluminum bar
    WOD: 10 ring rows in place of pull ups (aka mama style)
    20 box jumps with 12″ box
    5 rounds in 9:55.
    Thanks Matt for coaching me to fininsh it under 10 min. I stll had to do it mama style but this is as close to doing a prescribed crossfit work out that I can remember. Need to develop more technique but felt really good about my performance with this WOD.

    Brad, Glad you joined the “Gorilla Group”.