WARM UP: 200m run & mobility

BUY IN:  Team Push Up Ladder 1-10


TGU 3,2,1


3 Rounds for time

400m Run

21 deadlifts 185/155


Cash Out:

Partner Med-Ball Sit Ups 2min 


4 Responses

  1. Lucky enough to be at one of my favorite hotel gyms ever. bars and free weights, pull up station , etc

    WU: 5 min walk to wake up after the long trip. 5 min easy run
    WU part two: Ultimate
    Strength: 5 x 5 Full Cleans @

    50 Kg [110#], 60 Kg [132#](backed off because didn’t want to dump it), 52.5 K [115.5#], 52.5 K , 52.5K


    5 RFT of

    10 Power Cleans 43 Kg ~ 95 #
    15 Push ups (Chest to Ground)

    in 5:44 (My hands and forearms were completely done)

    Cash out: 3 x 5 of Shoulder Press at 51 Kg ~ 112#

    See y’all Saturday.


    P.S. Anybody that wants a good laugh should come out to Klein Collins for the “Mr. Collin’s Pageant”. None other than Chris Douglas will be putting in on the line (GIANT QUOTATIONS AROUND THAT) as the representative for the swim team. You don’t want to miss the talent and dance portions. Show starts at 7p. Don’t worry, if you miss it I’m pretty sure Momma Bear will have photos and video to share.