WARM UP: 5 min jump rope, Lunge and Push w/mobility

BUY IN:  Team Animal Race


Squat Clean Practice


Ron Burgundy 
5 rounds
Rest 2 minutes between rounds
1 minute max reps Front squat (135#/95#)
1 minute max reps Box jumps

Cash Out:

Dead Hang (near  maximal) x 3

2 Responses

  1. Great to see you too Cathy.

    As for this WOD… Holy Quad smoker Batman!! I opted for the 115 # FS and can not imagine what my legs would have felt like if I had tried 135. Hats off to those of you who did Rx, my pencil thin legs probably would have snapped off somewhere around rd 3.

    Great to have so many visitors with us to enjoy the quad smashing festival. It’s a wee bit early in the morning for me to recall everyone’s name (still working on my 4a cup of java). I do remember an Aggie, a Marine, and Kevin E’s brother. My observations where two studs and a studette. Awesome work folks, thanks for visiting the Silverback nation.