WARM UP: Ultimate Stretch (including posterior chain)


10x Goblet Squat +
10x Pull-up +
10x Push-up
3 rounds, increase Goblet Squat weight each set


10x HSPU +
15x Front Squat @ 95# +
20x Pull-up +
15x Push Press @ 95# +
30x Burpee +
15x Hi-Pull @ 95# +
40x Atomic Sit-up +
15x Back Squat @ 95# +
50x Box Jump @ 24” Box

SKILL: Kipping/Muscle Up

Right after Lindsay got her first kipping pull up, she tacked on FOUR MORE!!!!

Last movement of the day and Cat is still flying high.

Laura leads the ladies through some perfect push-ups!

8 Responses

  1. Linda

    Doing traveling wods at the base gym. Miss you guys. Day one 2minutes of Bear complex, and 4 rounds of 25push up/atomic sit up/air squats. Day two 500m row and 15 renegade man makers one side of room, walk to other side and do 14 …etc. They were mildly “renegade” as I only used 3# weights. Need to figure out how to find a box at the gym and may be able to do today’s work out. If not -invisible Fran it is. Later

    1. Linda

      Did this at base gym but subbed push up for HSPU and100 single unders for box jumps. Used 45# bar for everything but high pulls and used 35# dumbell for that. Take care all and see you soon.

  2. Jonathan

    WOD for today was toting skis for Tanya, kids and myself at 9000 feet, leaving time for a few runs before toting them back. Beautiful day in Keystone, CO. Not feeling anywhere near as winded from the altitude as in years past, and zero leg burn on the slopes today. Thanks CFSB! See you all next week. Until then, WOD on, Silverbacks!

  3. brad

    Jonathan’s wod sounded more fun.

    13:55 rx’d. Box jumps were slooooooooow

    I think we might be able to form 3 teams for the Bayou City comp. Garrett, Zach, Val and Cassie will be doing standard. I have already registered another team (named Tiger Blood and Adonis DNA) for scaled. Interested participants are Lindsay, Jessica, Laura, Drew, Ryan, maybe Dick and me. We need another female and maybe a few more males to round out a third team, also likely scaled. Who’s in?

  4. Dick D

    11:55 (Rx-no box jumps did 24″ step ups..tank was empty)

    I also mistakenly did shoulder presses instead of push presses. Now I know why the burpees sucked so bad.

    Good to be back.

  5. Matt Vaughan

    This wod didn’t hit me until I sat down on my couch. I’ll be sleeping good tonight for sure.

  6. Marianne

    11:46 with 65# and 20in box. 13 seconds slower than 1/28/2011. The box jumps really got me. Took too many breaks because I didn’t have Amy pushing me through the jumps