WARM UP: Ultimate Stretch (including posterior chain)

BUY IN: Shoot and Scoot

KB Swings x 10 +  Farmer Carry 30m  +  Sprint

3 rounds, increase  weight each set



KB rack squat x 10

KB Farmers Carry

KB Bear Crawl


CASH OUT: Max Pull Ups 5 min


12 Responses

    1. Bear

      More like torn shoulders. It was fun. Partner was Jim or maybe we should call him cue ball. our time was 6 something.

  1. Dick D

    “Warm up”: uh, I was tired when this part was complete.

    Jerk: enjoyed the skill work. Did 3×3 of 95-105-115 . I felt like the movement was much more “coordinated” than previous attempts.

    WOD: Matt V smoked this to get us under 6 min.

    Some double under practice at the house. Trying to get them down a little bit better before Friday’s attempt at the Games WOD 11.1 . I might be able to get one round at the rate i’m going.

  2. Matt Vaughan

    -The warmup was a WOD in itself and it was awesome.
    – 3 x 3 of Jerk (95/115/135). Feeling good on the strength and still need to work on my technique.
    -Partnered with Dick on the actual WOD and it was another killer.
    -Finished with 66 Pullups while exausted.

    Holy crap that was a lot of work!!!! In a good way of course.

  3. Dick D

    Alright Brad! 151 in 45-49 Age group. Are you sure you don’t want to try and get a couple of more reps by giving it a 2nd try? I could use a double under coach.

  4. brad

    Thanks Dick. I seem to be holding steady around the top 35 – 40% of men my age. I will be there Saturday morning to cheer on my fellow Silverbacks. I might be talked into giving it another try, although my stomach turns when I think about it. The top dawgs in my bracket are posting 300+. Sick.

    Jeremy and I did the wod in 6:51 with the same weights as Matt V and Dick. You guys smoked it!

    Jerks at 135 (good coaching from Matt to go down and focus on better form)

    63 pullups. Haven’t been doing high volume pullups and it showed

  5. Russell Wells

    Great Work out!!!

    Everyone is right, the warm up was a WOD in itself.

    Practiced the Jerk move with 75#’s. I have not done this before, so it was a technique thing. Great help from Matt, but more practice is needed.

    Micki and I were teamed for the WOD, and we did it in 6:12.

    I did my squats with 30# KB’s, and the Farmer carry with 55#KB’s . Bear crawls were done with 20# db’s.

    I did 53 pull ups.