COACHING NOTE:  “I’m not an Olympic weightlifter and I never will be”.  Fair enough, you may have said something like this in a moment of frustration.  How is twenty minutes of something so frustrating going to improve me more than the 20 minutes I could have spent running on a dreadmill.  I get it, so this is why in our population of athletes (let’s just say none of us are going to the games this year) why this is “good”.

1. It is genarally quickest and most effective way to build functional strength, that is strength combined with coordination, balance and speed, in other words athleticism.

2.  You are applying yourself to something that you have never done before that stretches and invigorates the mind body connection.  You are literally adding capability to your hard drive and hardware at the same time.

3. Because I can.  Life often takes things from us that we don’t even notice until they are gone.  I am firmly planted in middle age and taking up an Olympic sport.  I understand that I will never medal, but instead compete with myself, to be more than others thought I could be, to do more than the timid say is wise.  The next time you are looking at the merits of what and how we train here, remember this is more than exercise, instead it is one more way I refuse to curl in a ball and play dead in front of the bear.  This is us smacking him in the furry face and saying “Let’s dance fat ass.”


400m Run
Burgener Warm Up

Empty Bar Snatch Ladder
1- 5 – 1
1 to 5 from the hip
4 to 1 from the knee
Snatch 4 x 5 @ 75% 1RM
12 min AMRAP
1 pull up
2 push up
3 sit ups
Every round increase
Pull Ups +1, Push Ups + 2, Sit Ups + 3
So round 2 looks like