COACHING NOTE:  We mention quite often that we subscribe to Coach Glassman’s comments that it appears that a 12 minute WOD seems to be the sweet spot for the kind of training we do.  With that said, “constantly varied” across broad time and modal domains is a principal of what we practice.  So here is the balance, every now and then we dip into the 20 minute or longer pool.  Technically an elite athlete can maintain a sprint pace for this duration but by definition most of us don’t fit that bill.  The tendency of the average athlete is to either storm out of the gates and gas out early turning it into a non-intense slug match for the remaining 10 minutes or to never really commit, find a “comfortable gear” where we never breathe too hard and finish with way too much in the tank.  So there is your challenge, somewhere between the Clydesdale and Quarter Horse, strength speed and stamina in balance and used up by the end of the race, that is a Thoroughbred.   BE A THOROUGHBRED.  See you at the finish line.


250 x Row
Push Ups and Lunges
250 x Row

Jump Rope and Bears
with a partner
4 min
1 athlete performs 5 x bear complex (45,25)
1 athlete performs jump rope
Score is one continuous count for ropes and
a separate count for bears.
“Dynamic Bear” can only be performed in the final minute
Double Unders count for 3x but can only be performed in the  final minute
Squat Clean 5×4 @ 85%
20 min AMRAP
10 x push press (115,85)
10 x KB swings (53, 35)
10 x Box jumps
Coach’s Stretch