Garrett just shy of locking out his new PR. And yes, everyone stopped to watch.

Not only did we set a single days attendance record yesterday,  but on the Deadlift one rep max, the number of PR’s (Personal Records) that you SHATTERED was inspirational.  At some point in the day someone began putting the PR breakers on a separate whiteboard listed under “FEATS OF BADA**NESS”.  Remember this does not include visitors or new athletes who have not attended FUN de MENTAL yet, and I imagine more than a couple got left off.  CONGRATULATIONS SILVERBACKS, YOU EARNED EVERY POUND.  And thank you for the extra shot of motivation in my arm, you guys make this box one of a kind.                                                 

If your PR was left off post a comment here!!!

6 Responses

  1. sleepyjingli (Julie)

    Compare with all those scary BIG numbers, mine is so pathetic.

    Nevertheless, I lifted 10lb more than my previous PR.
    NEW PR: 140lb.

    Congras to ALL!!

  2. Casey

    Just a shout out to Matt for great programming. I have made gains in less than year here with Matt that I didn’t make for two years previously. When he decided to open up this place he told me to come and he would make me stronger……mission accomplished. Thanks Matt.

  3. hulkmonstermac

    Had a blast doing this workout! Garrett def kept me pushing harder to keep up with the heavy weights for sure!

  4. brad

    Dang I wish I was there. Impressive display. No heavy weights here so Monday was 30 bar muscle ups in 16:35 (sub 3 pullups, 3 dips for 1 MU). Today was 4 rds run 400m, 50 squats in 14:00 (PR). Plus some burpees for warm up, KTEs for strength. But no heavy bars in sight.