Tonight we  ended our first strength cycle with the new protocol.

Yes I know it says Wed. Just look at the results.

That’s right, even on the Friday before Spring Break:  Two Girl-rillas, Valerie and Cassie pull 270.  Laura cracked 205 with Cat right behind at 200 and don’t forget Lynn, when you were little could your Grandmother Deadlift 200 lbs (friggig awesome).  Garrett took top spot of the day at 470 while Ethan had the biggest gain by adding 40 pounds and sailing into the 300’s.  We still have a couple of folks that need to make up this week but, WOW.

7 Responses

  1. Dick D

    Great numbers from everyone. Very very impressive.

    Yes, I’m one of those folks that missed the entire week. I was out of town and then caught the flu bug before I came home. I’m still trying to get my legs under me.

  2. brad

    Some of us were hanging out at the end of the Saturday class talking about how cool it would be to be able to rent out a gymnastics gym for a few hours. I stopped by Basel’s on the way home and talked with one of the trainers. He said that they do rent out the place but I need to work with the owner (who wasn’t there). So I will get more detail and post. But the place is legit — rings, uneven parallel bars, foam pits, ropes. All sorts of stuff that we can go hurt ourselves with.

    Also, I will register a second team for the Bayou City Crawfish comp coming up in April (Zach, Garrett, Val and Cassie have already entered). Jessica and Lindsay, with their impressive PR numbers, have indicated they want to compete. Bring it, girls! Ryan and Drew, too. What about others? Matt V, Dick, Ryan O, Laura, others – do you think we can get a third team? Go to Bayou City Crossfit website (link in the upper left of this page) for more details.

  3. Matt Vaughan

    I just registered for the Crossfit Games Open. I’ll check my schedule about the Crawfish comp. I might be out of town.

  4. brad

    For those of you thinking “I’d like to sign up for the Games open qualifiers, but I don’t think I’m good enough”, consider this. The top 60 men and the top 60 women from each region will go on to the regional qualifier. The South Central region (TX, LA, MS), as of a few minutes ago, only had 570 registrants total (and would include senior men and women, who are not serious contenders for the open category). I think CFSB has a number of athletes who can put up a respectable showing in the open format, and may even move on to the regional event (which would be so freakin’ cool). So do it. Sign up. Now.

    For the more senior of us, go to and check it out. They are have posted eight wods, scaled to age brackets and gender. You can do one of the exact wods and post your results and see how you compare. For this website, masters starts at age 40. Big Jim – you got to try this. I’ve done two and I finished at the 25th percentile on one and about 60th percentile on another in my age bracket. There are some older beasts out there.

  5. brad

    I registered a second team for the Bayou City competition. Team name is “Tiger Blood and Adonis DNA”. Even though participating in scaled, we will have the attitude of bitchin’ rock stars from Mars.