HANG ON!!! and now for something new.


HANG ON!!! and now for something new.



at least catch the number of the number of the bus thats gonna hit you.

We are going to try a new format for your week so that we will give you a sneak peek at the week and some insight what it’s all leading up to.  We will also include some heads up schedule a little further out as well as our other offerings.

This week is our second to last on our “Strength Endurance” cycle.  This week we will work with our rep scheme from last week into an EMOM.  This all leads up to a retest next week of our original numbers.

MONDAY:  After some rowing and fancy footwork we will dive headfirst into the Strength Endurance with a 10 min work up to the 5 rep with an 8 round EMOM to follow.  A few minutes rest leads into a  every 30 sec battle of wills with the barbell with deadlift, hang power clean and jerk until you are unable or unwilling to work.

TUESDAY:  Shoulders get the treatment today with Push Press getting the focus in our “Strength” section and the WOD will shift into KB mode (don’t worry, no snatches).

WEDNESDAY:  We take a day away from the heavy and blow up our lungs.  We add a new spin with some teamwork.  No pressure ok, maybe a little.  If you have missed SILVERBACK STRONG, don’t worry as soon as our testing is over next week it will be back with a vengeance.  Don’t forget after the 9:30 workout Josie will lead the first of two yoga sessions this week.  Bring a mat or even a beach towel and get your stretch on.

THURSDAY:  Ahhh we saved the best for last, deadlift of course!  The fine art of picking up heavy things.  Followed by a WOD with a Power Snatch wall ball 1-2 punch.  mmmmm smells like bacon.

FRIDAY:  Back to our regular buffet and the chance to make up whatever WOD you missed out on (intentionally or not).

SATURDAY:  The 9:00am open WOD, and have those been tough lately or what.  Followed immediately at 10:00am by our favourite yoga instructor Josie.

THINGS TO KEEP AN EYE OUT FOR:  Announcing who won the 30 day Bod Pod Challenge.  Keep looking for the date in August for our Paleo cooking class. (that’s right real cooking to get you through your week in style).  Speaking of cooking we will be offering some easy smaller to digest (get it?) classes on week  nights in the near future. The BOARD OF AWESOMENESS is about to get an update, so watch out for our review on good fitness goal setting and get with a coach as soon as we announce the plan.  Ok everyone, lets’s be alert out there so we can all show up and train here.