Have you checked out our changes…..more coming!


Have you checked out our changes…..more coming!

Ever wonder about when your not here, it’s kind’a like wondering about the little guy that turns the light off in the fridge when you shut the door. Big thanks to Val and Garret for all their help and Judi for the trailer.

Hey Silverbacks,

As always the rumor mill is spinning so here is what is going on with our space situation.  We currently have three different plans in the works, and only one of them involves us actually changing our address but,  in each case the ball is in the other court from anywhere from two to four months.  So in the meantime we are making our improvements and equipment purchases in items that will enhance our workouts in the current space and we can pick up and adapt to any of our expansion options.  Bottom line, nothing life changing till at least the new year, we get to have fun buying even newer and better equipment, and we now have a second classroom set up that will streamline our classes, expands our usable space and brings back CrossFit Kids.

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