FUN de MENTALS  III @ 8:00 am

For all our new Silverbacks, Matt will be teaching the deadlift lesson with the associated movements and another dose of CrossFit knowledge about the how and why of what we do.  Any questions just grab a coach and ask.

 SATURDAY WOD @ 9:00 am

Ready to do something fun and different, then Saturday in the Silverback Nation is for you.  Come in and be prepared for a challenge, a fun challenge, but a challenge


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  1. Joe and crew,

    I measured the route around the building on the website. I cut the route as close as possible to the building and dumpsters in back (without cutting through the overhang) and around the telephone pole. Results = .2 Kilometers or 200 meters exactly.

    Taking that it is exactly 200 meters and calculating paces off of 12 minutes, this is what I came up with:

    8 laps= 12:00 min/mile
    9 laps= 10:44 min/mile
    10 = 9:36
    11 = 8:44
    12 = 8:00
    13 = 7:22
    14 = 6:52
    15 = 6:24
    16 = 6:00

    Know that running in squares is not easy because at each corner you have to regain momentum (especially around the telephone pole). That being said it is measurable and repeatable. In a real life situation you may be faced with running tight corners (fleeing a burning building, chasing your kids, chasing neighborhood kids who just “tp’d” your house-I digress, but you get the picture).

    All in all a good baseline number.