FIRST THINGS FIRST; THE FRIDAY SILVERBACK BUFFET AND CROSSFIT COOKOUT! We fire up the grill so when the 4:30 workout is over we can start the celebration.  And this week, a special appearance by “Bacon”.  Bring something Paleo to put on the table and something not Paleo to drink.

Maybe he will show up too.

SATURDAY 9:00 AM:  We will be working out hard, Hero hard but not “Murph” hard.  There are a lot of  “Hero  WOD’s” out there and only one weekend to make’em extra special.  We had originally wanted to make this a kind of “Grand Opening” for our new box, however  with all the new interest generated, getting all our new toys and blowing up great WOD’s everyday we are going to have to put the party on hold for just a little longer.  Never fear, when we do celebrate the new house we are gonna do it big.

SUNDAY “REST UP” your gonna need it!

MONDAY “MEMORIAL DAY” 9:00 AM “Murph”  The course is laid out, we can fit almost 30 athletes on the pull up bars at once.  Not up for the full experience we will be scaling and keeping it a challenge for all, but no matter how much we scale make sure to put on your fighting britches cause this is a brawl.  We will immediately follow with cold refreshments of all sorts, nothing is off the table (ok maybe cupcakes) you earned it.