Expansion update

Need your help!

Attention Silverbacks, we will be having ‘workdays’ on June26 and July3 to help prepare our new 2000SqFt area. We have lots of tasks that need to be accomplished (cleaning, painting, light construction, etc) and need your help to create our new home. If you have some spare time either of these Saturdays please stick around after the WOD (~10AM) and lend a helping hand. Lunch will be provided.

Tentative schedule:

June 26 – Clean, build, prep the new area.

July3 – Move remaining equipment to new area.

July5 – Inaugural WOD in new area!

July10 – Private (families/friends) ‘Grand-Opening’ party/cookout/social. Evening maybe??

Mid-Aug- Public ‘Grand-Expansion/Grand-Opening’ event.

Found the rodents chewing up the walls at night, luckily they are just as adept at putting up sheet rock.

Keep in mind both these guys completed the WOD the same evening, Dick only 30 min prior.

Never go into battle without a plan, especially one drawn to scale by the resident engineer to include an hand-drawn "potty" in the bathroom.

9 Responses

  1. brad

    After the competition Saturday, I’m having lunch with my daughter who’s coming through town. Will plan on being there 2:00 or so?

    what tools, ladders, etc do we need?

  2. Tim M

    Also – can anybody bring a wheel barrow, mine is broke. We’ll need it right at 10AM when we start because our first task will be to tear down a wall. All that sheetrock makes for a LOT of heavy trips to the dumpster w/o a wheel barrow. Thanks!

    1. Tracey

      Hey Tim-

      I can’t be there on Saturday thanks to 2 State Baseball touranments, but I do have a wheel barrow that you can borrow. I can bring it to your house. Just let me know.


  3. Garrett

    Lindsay and I will be there to help for a few hours… I talked her into coming to help maybe we can all encourage her to try it out for a bit.

  4. Casey

    Tim, I won’t make this work day. I’ve got to clean my old house 🙂

    Thank you Silverbacks who helped move us Monday night. I am so blessed by you guys.