What brought me to CrossFit is a visit I had with Sonya about the chaos called my life and how things HAD to change for me.
She invited me to CrossFit and the rest is history!

My first impression, honestly, I was very nervous on my first visit. But Sonya reassured me and made me
comfortable. It’s funny that I thought I was in decent shape but — OMG — was I wrong! LOL!
Sonya pointed out that the Silverback family was very diverse in abilities and ages. As I
continued to go to classes, I noticed that, too. What I thought then and what I know now…the
people (members and coaches) at Crossfit are AMAZING…so welcoming, so encouraging!! The
camaraderie is incredible! I am sooooo happy that I have you all as a part of my world!

The first “bright spot” for me, I think adding weights onto the bar was a huge deal!! I have never thought that I was
“strong,” and so each weight added is a victory to me. I can remember being
so excited to do a 75# deadlift…I danced all around the bar! Then I had a new goal of 95#: I thought “How in the
WORLD?” but I reached that goal and moved on to my next goal…Now I am close to deadlifting
200#! I will dance around again when that happens!!! I may even sing (be warned…that is uglier
than the dance moves).

Now I am working on kipping pull-ups, double-unders, improving my form on my lifts, staying healthy,
building stamina, and being awesome. I want to set a good example for my boys so they also
follow a path of fitness and healthy eating.

My favorite Silverback memory so far, for sure…the Open!!! Those were some of the best nights!!! It was so great to meet new people
and develop new friendships! My true crazy side came out during the Open…there is no
containing that now! LOL
Another favorite memory for me is the night that my boys complimented me on my hard work
and building some muscles.

It is my main goal to set a good example for my boys, and to have them recognize my commitment to wellness made me very proud.

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